Radio station K-Love apologizes for anti-Trump digital display — Newsday


A Christian radio station apologized on social media Friday after its digital display was apparently hacked with an anti-Trump message that included an obscenity.

Listeners of K-LOVE 96.7 reported seeing the message on the digital display shortly after 8 a.m., with some of them calling News 12 Long Island. A representative for K-LOVE could not

Committee of Administrators set to revive cricket radio commentary — Hindustan Times


The Committee of Administrators (COA) is making sure that cricket and cricketers remain their top priority. After ensuring that former cricketers gave away the awards at the BCCI night in Bangalore on Wednesday, and seeking a report from India coach Anil Kumble on players’ contract, the COA has decided to revive radio commentary for India matches.


Researchers: Fast Radio Bursts Could Power Alien Spaceships — Voice of America

Researchers: Fast Radio Bursts Could Power Alien Spaceships - Voice of America

Extremely brief but powerful radio bursts coming from billions of light years away could be evidence of an advanced alien civilization, according to a new paper.

Fast radio bursts, which are “millisecond-long flashes of radio emission” could be “leakage” from “planet-sized transmitters” that power alien spaceships over incredible distances.


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